Rose Room Map

718 West Idaho Street Boise, Idaho 83702
Map To The Rose Room
Parking Facilities Information
  • Bannock Garage:  On the corner of 10th and Bannock streets - entrance on Bannock (342-7395)
  • Boulevard Garage:  Surrounded by Front Street, Capitol Boulevard, and The Grove Plaza - entrance on Capitol (mid-block) (331-0314)
  • Capitol Terrace Garage: Surrounded by 8th, Main, Capitol, and Idaho streets - entrance on Main and Idaho (336-1068)
  • Eastman Garage:  Surrounded by 9th, Main, 8th, and Idaho streets - entrances on Main and Idaho (336-2662)
  • Grove Street Garage: On the corner of 10th and Front streets - entrance on 10th (344-0790)
  • Ninth Street Garage:  Below the Wells Fargo Center on the corner of 9th and Main streets -entrance on 9th (342-4511)

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